Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Windows Vista SP1 released and working Well

As many of you Windows Vista users may know windows vista Service Pack 1 was released March 18, 2008. Due to many torrent and other downloading sources many users downloaded the update as much as a month early. For those of you that installed the update you will already know that SP1 did not add any new features because it was all code updates. SP1 improved Compatibility, reliability,copy speeds, and hundreds of other minor problems. Many where unhappy due to the fact that SP1 was supposed to come out mid 2007, but was pushed back to early to mid 2008. Overall SP1 was a good update but I personally did not notice any of the change other than the copy speeds. Driver compatibility and reliability are things that you don't really notice as much as they are things you don't really think about.
Microsoft did good on SP1 but hopefully SP2 will be on time and have more features and have more compatibility.

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