Friday, March 28, 2008

Mac gets Hacked first in Contest!

The annual PWN 2 OWN hacking contest is a popular hacking competition. The contestants
are given three laptops to try to hack into a sony Vaio, Fujistu U810, and a Macbook Air. The first day was unsuccessful by all three contestants but the second day Charlie Miller won the $10,000 Prize and a Macbook Air by hacking into it first.
It didn't take much time. Within 2 minutes, he directed the contest's organizers to visit a Web site that contained his exploit code, which then allowed him to seize control of the computer. Miller is best known as one of the researchers who first hacked Apple's iPhone last year. Miller said the weakness is in Safari. The winner of last years competitiontook home the prize by finding a weakness in Quicktime.

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KidGuru said...

Dang i thought windows would , though i would love to win a mba great post