Monday, March 10, 2008

Upgrade for the Mini and I-mac?

As Apple continues the roll down of the updates for the mac ever since the mac pros to the macbook’s can the mini and i-mac be next? Luckily the mini won’t be discontinued but upgraded most likely with the new Penryn processors. As well with the all in one I-mac as the intel processors of memrom line is being phased out, the penryn will be moving in. So as the line continues the news hasn’t stated of any design updates but more speed wise the i-mac could be reaching 3.0 GHZ and as for the mini yet has been talked on that as the size differs from the I-mac but as the little elegant desktop awaits it’s upgrade we’ll have to wait and see. Though not only that but there could be a expandability in ram and hardrive space for the two machines. The upgrades continue from here and on now we have to sit and wait the upgrade is expected this tuesday will the rumors fufill or not we have to see

Also future updates are stated again for the macbook and maybe the mb pro's hopefully design wise around this April. So with that the iphone keynote of the SDK/Enterprise Roadmap we have to see what apple has in store for the upgrades most likely they'll have all machines moved to Penryn by the end of this year and possible updates for the MB air. As far the macrumors and other resources have came through as far will it come through yet again...

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