Thursday, January 31, 2008

ThinkGeek . com
Your site for all your tech needs whether it be computer towers, plush dolls, or even a usb missle launcher + SOFTWARE!
You name it thinkgeek probaly has it . Not only that but they have great prices,shipping etc.

So do you shop online and if so what site? or better yet for what do you shop for?

As for me I love to shop at sites like - - and usually all tech stuff. ThinkGeek has to be my favorite as I recently won a 100$ certificate to the site and got a variety of great products.

They ship to nearly all around the world and including FPO and APO for those overseas etc.
The site itself it easy to navigate around and has features like - write your review- send your pictures and more. So if your a regular geek looking for clothing,toys,gadgets, gizmos you name it they probaly have it and at great prices so check it out at
Products I've purchased so far...
-USB Mug Warmer and 4-port usb hub
-The Art of Deception -Book by Kevin Mitnick
-Micro Spy Remote
-Sonic Grenade
-Office Kit
-Pc Case Badge
-LED Lamp Lantern
+ more to come

so hope you stop by think geek and check out all the cool techie stuff they got.

Stay tuned for more blog posts


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Welcome to the BlogSpot

Hey all viewers, Blogspotters,Youtubers etc.

Kidguru here and let me be the first to introduce you to the Tech-World ,Blogspott.
Here is just another one of my social networking sites , i'll blog as frequently as possible and mainly my blog will consist of all that is Tech. Technology is my favorite subject I love to Vlog on tech then why not BLOG on it. I have youtube account that I daily post on the site full of videos on technology and sometimes just regular talk whether it be Vlogging, How to and DYI Tutorials and other fun stuff is posted daily there. I do lots of tutorials on Windows XP & Vista as well also soon to do Ubuntu and later on Mac OsX along with some Mac Vs. PC Videos too. If you want to stop by the Youtube channel check it out at

I'll post various blogs on Blogspot so stay tuned for lots of new tech vlogs and an introduction about myself etc. So let me welcome you to the site and hope to see you around as well.

Also Tech-World is my company that I made basically it's a Technology Show that consists of all that's technology. Computers,Cameras,reviews,all of it you name it. We have multiple sponsors etc and partners as well as affilate deals so if your intrested in a partnership or have a affilate deal etc here's my contact info.

Anyways look forward to more blogs and introdcutions etc.