Monday, March 31, 2008

A Garage Band Alternative for Windows?

I had been searching the web for a Garage band alternative for windows when i came upon Mixcraft. I have tried tons of other sound mixers and none of them where very good. I launched Mixcraft and I immediately knew that it was the windows alternative. Mixcraft's interface is almost identical to garage band, and if you have never used garage band you will probaly not notice a big difference. It has over 1500 clips of music for you to use in creating your song. You can also add effects like echo, reverb, distortion, pitch shift, pan, and many others. Unfortunately Mixcraft is $39.99, but if you search on youtube there are other ways of getting the full version that tech world dose not support of take responsibility for.

If you are planning on downloading Mixcraft I would recommend an 2.5GHz Pentium 4 or higher as playing more than 4 or 5 tracks at one can be very processor intensive. If i play 8 tracks st once on my 2.2GHz Core Two duo it uses 80% processor. And if you want all of the clips the application will take up about 85Mb of hard drive space.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Tweet they tweet do you?

Twitter, a great social network site that simply asks the base question " What Are You Doing?" similar to a pownce, or jaiku sort of community it gives users a chance to see what friends or anyone is doing from following to followers. Twitter is very simple to navigate around and challenges you to tell the world what you're doing in 140 characters or less. You can reply to friends and not only that but you have alot of twitter resources around now a days like tiny url | Quoteably and it goes on and on.
It's a great network and once you sign up and get tweeting away. Feel free to follow me and i'll follow you back in return.

Comment or email me or just add me and ill follow you back

So get tweeting away and sign up for twitter now!


Friday, March 28, 2008

Mac gets Hacked first in Contest!

The annual PWN 2 OWN hacking contest is a popular hacking competition. The contestants
are given three laptops to try to hack into a sony Vaio, Fujistu U810, and a Macbook Air. The first day was unsuccessful by all three contestants but the second day Charlie Miller won the $10,000 Prize and a Macbook Air by hacking into it first.
It didn't take much time. Within 2 minutes, he directed the contest's organizers to visit a Web site that contained his exploit code, which then allowed him to seize control of the computer. Miller is best known as one of the researchers who first hacked Apple's iPhone last year. Miller said the weakness is in Safari. The winner of last years competitiontook home the prize by finding a weakness in Quicktime.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't worry im still here

Hello All,

Kidguru here ya im still here sorry i've been SUPER BUSY latley with work alot surrounding tech-world , also i have been accepted to write at the jon4lakers blog at and its a great site and awsome community. So i just wanted to do a quick post saying i'll be blogging heavy soon and also getting more traffic towards the blog and writers etc, thanks wee/josh for running the blog as far i hope everyones doing well though one thing im always doing is live streaming 24/7 at

ENJOY! I'll be back soon

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Windows Vista SP1 released and working Well

As many of you Windows Vista users may know windows vista Service Pack 1 was released March 18, 2008. Due to many torrent and other downloading sources many users downloaded the update as much as a month early. For those of you that installed the update you will already know that SP1 did not add any new features because it was all code updates. SP1 improved Compatibility, reliability,copy speeds, and hundreds of other minor problems. Many where unhappy due to the fact that SP1 was supposed to come out mid 2007, but was pushed back to early to mid 2008. Overall SP1 was a good update but I personally did not notice any of the change other than the copy speeds. Driver compatibility and reliability are things that you don't really notice as much as they are things you don't really think about.
Microsoft did good on SP1 but hopefully SP2 will be on time and have more features and have more compatibility.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tech-World Giveaway!

In case you missed the youtube video about Tech-Worlds first giveaway here is the information. Tech-World will be giving away over $200 total in think geek gift certificates. To enter/Qualify you have to post a comment on Spongefish telling what you think is a gadget that is not popular now but will be in 5 years. From that list Kidguru will select the top ten and give each person in the top ten a $20 gift card to think geek.

Remember if u haven't signed up for spongefish yet sign up with this link or tech-world will not receive the benefits!

Thanks, Tech World Staff

Thursday, March 13, 2008

iPhone SDK Software

On March 12, 2008 Apple Inc. announced that more than 100,000 iPhone software developers have downloaded the beta iPhone Software Development kid all so known as The SDK. Also over one million people have watched the launch on! Apple also introduced the App Store. Which is a breakthrough way for developers to wirelessly deliver their applications to every iPhone and iPod touch user. Many developers such as AOL, Electronic Arts, Epocrates,, and even Sega have demonstrated amazing applications using the SDK.

If you are interested in making some of your own iPhone or iPod Touch apps you can download the Beta software worldwide. You can find where to download it at . You can also watch the QuickTime video of the iPhone roadmap event at .

Tech-World's New Sponsors/Affiliate Deals!

Hey all you members of tech-world

Theres great
news in the air, no its not the macbook air lol if you understand that then high five to you. Anyhow a couple of new links etc will be floating around the blog due to new sponsors! So let me take a moment to thank

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Upgrade for the Mini and I-mac?

As Apple continues the roll down of the updates for the mac ever since the mac pros to the macbook’s can the mini and i-mac be next? Luckily the mini won’t be discontinued but upgraded most likely with the new Penryn processors. As well with the all in one I-mac as the intel processors of memrom line is being phased out, the penryn will be moving in. So as the line continues the news hasn’t stated of any design updates but more speed wise the i-mac could be reaching 3.0 GHZ and as for the mini yet has been talked on that as the size differs from the I-mac but as the little elegant desktop awaits it’s upgrade we’ll have to wait and see. Though not only that but there could be a expandability in ram and hardrive space for the two machines. The upgrades continue from here and on now we have to sit and wait the upgrade is expected this tuesday will the rumors fufill or not we have to see

Also future updates are stated again for the macbook and maybe the mb pro's hopefully design wise around this April. So with that the iphone keynote of the SDK/Enterprise Roadmap we have to see what apple has in store for the upgrades most likely they'll have all machines moved to Penryn by the end of this year and possible updates for the MB air. As far the macrumors and other resources have came through as far will it come through yet again...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Movies on Flash Drives

Movies have traditionally been on disc or on VHS tapes, but what if u could legally put them on your USB flash drive. One company called PortoMedia wants that to become possible by using Kiosks like the Red Box. Chris Armstrong said, “The kiosks will be packed with hard drives that can hold 350 to 5,000 titles. Users then plug in a memory device from the company, enter a PIN code, and buy or rent a movie. When consumers get home, they simply slide the memory device into a dock connected to a TV.” These movies can be played on your PC or TV. The only down side is that you have to buy a dock. The dock is sold in a package for $60. You get 6 Movies, USB Flash drive, and the dock. Another option for users is to pay $160 and get a handheld player with a 1.8-inch hybrid hard drive with 240GB of storage, a dock, and 12 movies.
Portomedia's web sight can be found here.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Purple iPod Nano?

This weekend Circuit city's Ad included a Purple iPod Nano. Apple's current line of iPod nanos come in silver, blue, green, black, pink, and (PRODUCT) RED. This is obviously suggesting that Apple is going to release a Purple iPod. The addition of a purple option to the iPod nano would make the iPod Shuffle lineup a complete subset of the iPod nano colors.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Open source Alternatives

Today buying many common programs like Word, power point, photoshop, and other productivity applications can get expensive. In this post i will show you many of the free open source alternatives. Open source is source code that is available to the public, meaning free applications for everybody. Here are some alternatives that you might even like better than the original application.

Open Office - Word, power point, Excel alternative
Gimp - Photoshop alternative
Avidemux - Video Editing
Amarok - iTunes

There are many other open source alternatives that are very useful. If you would like to find more free applications go to

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The All in one I-Mac or the All powerful Pro?

Well as you know i'm soon to join the apple family and have my current mind set to an 24 inch i-mac core 2 extreme 2.8 ghz 4gb ram 500 or 750 gb hardrive mac but.... Ya theres a but the question after the total of the imac being around 2,900 do i go for the all in one I-mac or go for a base Mac Pro at 2,700 and add a 500gb hard drive etc for around 2,900. Though the fall back is that with the pro I won't have a monitor as the imac is one, and the apple display would make me fish out another 599$ as i dont wanna use my crt on the beatiful pro though... I can buy like a 20-23 inch for around 250$ +. So i can save bucks on buying a different monitor but i would have to spend money to get a monitor if that makes any sense at all lol. Though with the pro i can get 3rd party ram,drives, etc to max it out toward the future so in the end it kinda equals out or should i get the i-mac then the pro later on. Know that i'm a first time switcher and i don't wanna start out small like i would rather have a powerful machine that can show me the power of osx and a mac though for a switcher the pro would be like the ultimate so i'm thinking i-mac | macbook pro| some old macintoshes like g4 etc | the on to mini or pro like go from there so i get a real feel or i can just get the imac-mb pro- then the pro and rotate from there as you see as time and sponsors grow revenue will. So please I would love to here your feeddback comment or email me at

Thanks for reading