Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tech-World's New Sponsors/Affiliate Deals!

Hey all you members of tech-world

Theres great
news in the air, no its not the macbook air lol if you understand that then high five to you. Anyhow a couple of new links etc will be floating around the blog due to new sponsors! So let me take a moment to thank

The new sponsors/Affiliate deals
Shiney White Box -
ThinkGeek- Banner located at the bottom of the page

Plus more to come and a GIVEAWAY of a free copy of "Ishowu" for the mac.
So feel free to check out the links,banners etc and don't hesitate to comment on the blog or leave feedback at my email
We're also now streaming 24/7 at

I would also like to take the time and welcome new Tech-World Staff member


for all his great work as of late with the site,blog etc he is now a official member of the team

With that all said and done let me just give you a little info on what the sponsors and programs will be providing.

They'll provide mainly revenue through programs etc like my new spongefish deal i get

$1 Per sign up
2$ Per content you post
100$Bonus for every 50 people who sign up

so ya and also the sponsors will provide products,promos etc.

So stop on by the the sites today !

Kidguru here saying thanks for all your support throughout so far and I-Mac funds are on their way!

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