Sunday, March 2, 2008

The All in one I-Mac or the All powerful Pro?

Well as you know i'm soon to join the apple family and have my current mind set to an 24 inch i-mac core 2 extreme 2.8 ghz 4gb ram 500 or 750 gb hardrive mac but.... Ya theres a but the question after the total of the imac being around 2,900 do i go for the all in one I-mac or go for a base Mac Pro at 2,700 and add a 500gb hard drive etc for around 2,900. Though the fall back is that with the pro I won't have a monitor as the imac is one, and the apple display would make me fish out another 599$ as i dont wanna use my crt on the beatiful pro though... I can buy like a 20-23 inch for around 250$ +. So i can save bucks on buying a different monitor but i would have to spend money to get a monitor if that makes any sense at all lol. Though with the pro i can get 3rd party ram,drives, etc to max it out toward the future so in the end it kinda equals out or should i get the i-mac then the pro later on. Know that i'm a first time switcher and i don't wanna start out small like i would rather have a powerful machine that can show me the power of osx and a mac though for a switcher the pro would be like the ultimate so i'm thinking i-mac | macbook pro| some old macintoshes like g4 etc | the on to mini or pro like go from there so i get a real feel or i can just get the imac-mb pro- then the pro and rotate from there as you see as time and sponsors grow revenue will. So please I would love to here your feeddback comment or email me at

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