Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tech-Upgrade Plans: Gear

New Gear to come

So it's time to upgrade some gear and sell older gear , some stuff i have to sell include


With that said i do have some gear that needs upgrading either cause of broken hardware or just to upgrade for a geeks sake =)

First off my headset
-Logitech Premium Headset
has a fault cause i can't hear out of the left set so i'm needing to upgrade for better audio quality and another mic

I'm thinking of upgrading to a logitech ultra clear usb headset
that costs around 35 $

this will help alot with the podcast and another thing i'm looking to add to the collection will be a
Podcasting Mic

thinking the samsung roadster models with a base station kit etc for the itunes podcast etc.

So as you use alot of audio gear will be needed for the show and videos

Now moving out of the audio department and into the video -SOFTWARE is something importantly needed primarily ADOBE software including

-After Effects

Only thing is these Software cost a ton so i'll have to look around for special deals on the net coupons,etc.

As you see alot of stuff is needed and theres more of course but i'll get into that later on in my other blogs if you want to help out at all by donating equipment or money it'll be done via - Paypal

Email Me at if your intrested in helping out

Thanks for reading


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