Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Apple Updates the All in one IMac

So just as of recent the Apple store went down and being the geeks we are most jumped at the new I-Mac's conclusion and boy were they right. The All in one i-macs have been upgraded just as the macbook and macbook pro with the "Penryn" Intel Core 2 duo processor. This and a new Nvidia Geforce 8800 GS with 512 MB of Vram has been added to the 24 inch model which now runs at 3.06GHZ! and prices at 2,119$. As of design changes there still the same dazzling i-macs just beefed up hardware and faster specs, mainly these penyryns are the big hit to the i-macs which will show speed increases in overall system and application speeds. The models still stand at two 20 inch models with 2.2 & 2.4 GHZ and now two 24 inch models at 2.8GHZ & the new 3.06GHZ with the new feature of the nvidia card to the apple store. A elegant machine now taken to the next level and with this in mind and with the whole penryn processor migration we're surely hoping to see the future macs such as mini, and possibly the air with these new speedy processor models. So i'll end it with that and a major props to apple on the update and with WWDC coming up who knows whats next....


Gerardo said...

Man looks like apple is really good my first computer wan an apple but now i am using pc and i AM DYING to get another apple thanx for the upgrade news

therileyshow said...

Hey i think that the new iMac is nothing really new. The really only thing that is going to be better is if you buy the top line one. I have the baseline imac from auguts of 2007 and its fine.