Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Search Me!

Ever wanted a fancy alternative to google or Yahoo? Well now there is! Search me! Search Me is a search engine just like google but search me has something that sets it apart from the rest of them. What is that, Cover Flow. Thats right Search me displays the page of the site ur looking in cover flow. It works on Mac, PC, and Linux. It is still in beta but it is still very interesting to use. I think that in the future this site might catch on and some might make it their default search engine over google.



Gerardo said...

Oh that is cool i also use other searchs but i have never heard of this one that is pretty cool i am gonna try it out thanx dude.

rmma92 said...

Hey Kidguru,

I really appreciate the work that you are doing. You are very knowledgeable in the field of technology. You are doing all your followers a favor by educating us more and answering our questions that we may have. Whenever someone ask you a question you always seem to have an answer and if you don't you will find one. Again great job and keep up the good work.