Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Top 5 : Customize Software

Well another new blog series known as the Top 5 pretty straight forward my top 5 apps,gadgets etc on whatever topic.

Today's Topic
My Top 5: Customize Software

Usually pertaining to Windows software , just as the mac already has such things as docks etc...

Anyhow lets jump right in

1-5 *1 being the best and so forth*

1- Windows Blinds

The ultimate skinning software developed by the company "Stardock" which has many more customize apps that'll be mentioned in this list. A very great application that costs some $$$ though is much worth it plus a gallery of an online database that expands the possibilities.

2- Object Dock

Now when Mac OSX released the dock and revolutionized the desktop and cleaned up less clutter from the desktop as well as replaced the scattered icons etc. Though on the windows side stardock does it again developing a great customize app that gives a great feel to windows grant it , it's not the osx dock but good enough for windows that has a free and pro version.

3-Firefox Themes

Now yeah browser themes count as customize software and from the old days of ie 5 and 6 firefox, really revolutionized the browser world with it's themes and skins for the browser with yet again a huge online database/gallery.

4- Google Desktop Widgets/etc

Now google has really develop a great Desktop pack of widgets and gadgets packed with tool bars and more to really organize the desktop and pack it with features though it's a little bloated for my taste , but none the less powerful.

5-Log on Studios XP/Vista

Who ever said you can't customize your logon screen yeah even something as basic and sometimes dull log on screen can be pimped out! Now despite the different features etc within vista's and xp version of logon studios the fact of the matter is IT CUSTOMIZES your logon screen and does a awesome job.

*Honorable Customize Apps*

SCRPAper (Screen Paper)- Allows your screen saver to act as a desktop background while working foreground behind windows.

BootSkin- Allow you to customize and change the boot screen of windows.

YodM3d- A Desktop app that allows you to have virtually 4 desktops , virtual desktops that is with a awesome interface. Now a paid app thought there is some older versions out there for free.

Well that concludes it for now all the links will be posted up tommorow


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