Monday, February 4, 2008

Hoping to Join the Mac Family Soon...

Hoping To Join The Macintosh Family Soon..

Well looking into the future, I'm hoping soon to join the Apple Co. Macintosh Family by upgrading from Windows to OSX , Leopard of course and use a whole new machine known as the mac.
I will be upgrading to the I-Mac 2.8GHZ 24 inch, 2GB RAM (Upgraded to 4 manually) reg-ular standard hardrive + Acessories etc. I can't wait till I make the money for the I-mac to have a powerful desktop to handle my needs and work. After that i'm still planning to gain the full mac experience by moving to other areas such as moving to portables , such as the macbook pro and later for the future the air. I'll be using the software and accessories to get acustomed to the mac like the mighty mouse and keyboard bother wired/wireless also software such as Iwork, Video Editing Software etc.

So I can't wait till I get to experience the macintosh and apple experience as well as software etc and I'll update you on other news on it i just have to manage my budget through the future.

Thanks, KidGuru


Anonymous said...

Hello Adrian, I'm excited watching your move to the apple world. It's pretty awesome that your getting an iMac. While I don't make nearly as much money as you, the mac mini may be on my christmas list this year.


Aidan Girard said...

Dont even think about it. I wouldnt recommend buying a desktop first. Their laptops are almost equvalent to their desktops in everything. I bought the new iMac and now i want a macbook pro very badly.